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  • Operational Month : October – May
  • Rates are on per person basis.
  • Pick and Drop facilities not included.
  • Report 30 mins prior to the trip
  • Follow all safety instructions.

Starting From: 11,000.00

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    Hot Air Ballooning in Goa


    Hot Air Ballooning in Goa – Rise above in adventure

    When we talk of being in the air or flying, our first thought goes to an aircraft flight or a helicopter ride. However we at Travel Adventures Goa bring to you, one unique experience up and above that will leave you spell bound. The beautiful village of Chandor plays host to an adventure trip called Hot Air Ballooning which is sure to get you overwhelmed in excitement.

    What is Hot Air Ballooning?

    It is a form of flying where you will take off at dawn to experience a spectacular 360 degree view of the earth and the beautiful sunrise. A large balloon is inflated with motorised fans, once filled with air; propane burners are ignited to heat the air inside the balloon. After about 30 minutes the balloon is ready to fly.

    Soar into the air

    At the beginning of the ride before inflation of the balloon, your pilot will give you all the necessary briefing about the flight. Once the balloon is set, it begins to go up in the air, guided by your pilot for the trip. You will be surprised as the balloon feels lighter than it looks. You will begin to get a breath taking sight at 360 degree angles all around you. Make sure you are carrying a camera to capture unforgettable images. The pilot manoeuvres the flight at various altitudes from high to low in order for you to get different types of views. There is plenty of room on the hot air balloon for all passengers to be comfortable. Get ready for excitement and cheers coming from all as this ride is guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime.

    You will be followed throughout the journey by the ground crew who ensure that you have the perfect landing. Once the landing takes place, you will be taken back to the launch site in a vehicle.

    Operational Restrictions

    It is very important for every guest to understand that the success in navigating this ride solely depends on weather conditions. The winds play an important role in defining this trip. Launches usually take off from specified locations, however there are several back up launch sites that are kept incase the launch site needs to be moved.

    Location of main launch site

    The main starting location of this trip is the Assolda Football Ground, Chandor, South Goa.

    Rates: The cost of the trip is INR 11000 per person. In this package you will take the trip in a big group. However we have another package which is a Private Balloon Ride for which the cost is INR 55,000 for 1-3 people and INR 99,000 for 4-8 people.

    Duration and timings of trip: The duration of the entire trip is 45 minutes to 1 hour. All trips will start 20 minutes before sunrise.


    Who can take this trip?

    This trip is very safe and can be taken by anyone who is reasonably healthy. Children must be accompanied by parents.

    Who should avoid this trip?

    People with heart problems, height phobia and pregnant women are strictly not allowed to participate.

    How long is the flight?

    The duration of the flight after take-off is 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, you need to set aside 2-3 hours for all operational needs.

    Is there a pick and drop facility from my hotel?

    No, this trip does not include a pick and drop facility.

    How high does the balloon go?

    The balloon goes upto 3000 ft high depending on weather conditions.

    What should I wear?

    You need to wear light comfortable clothing.

    Can I carry my camera?

    Yes, we strongly advise you carry your camera for some nice shots.

    What happens if the weather conditions are not favorable and my flight is cancelled?

    In such a situation you need not worry, you can book another flight anytime in the same season at no extra cost.

    What are our safety & security measures?

    The activity is licensed under an Air Operators Permit (AOP) as issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation/ Directorate General of Civil Aviation – Government of India. All the pilots have thousands of hours of flying experience. All the balloons are imported from Cameron Balloons, UK and are of the highest quality and are regularly inspected by DGCA approved facility to ensure they remain in perfect working order. Every passenger is comprehensively insured as per international aviation standards.

    What is the process for booking?

    The entire booking process can be found on our website with details of payment and confirmation.

    What is the process of cancellation and refund?

    The entire cancellation and refund process can be found on our website

    Is pre booking necessary?

    It is ideal to pre-book due to the demand for this excursion. We are busy through the season, so pre-booking will avoid disappointments.

    Is it open during all year?

    No. this excursion is open from October to May