A family-friendly guide to Goa

Visiting Goa with your family? Have a look at what you need for a fun, kid-friendly vacation in Goa.

  1. Visit a museum

    Explore the Museums in Goa

    Goa has over a dozen museums with collections ranging from antiques to contemporary art. The Museum of Goa is the biggest privately owned museum and it is a treat to visit, kids will enjoy spotting the pretty indigo mermaids along the roads leading to the museum, which has three floors of paintings, sculpture, installations, and views over the treetops of Pilerne. Another one, The Goa Science Centre & Planetarium at Miramar Beach has several galleries with interactive exhibits that encourage young ones to try out experiments in basic physics, the park outside has large scale dinosaur models and other prehistoric animals.



2. Meet wildlife

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Chorao Island is the perfect place to spot local and migratory birds

Whether you head to the many wildlife sanctuaries or potter through the fields, chances are that your kids will love spotting different kinds of birds like kingfishers, babblers, bee-eaters and golden orioles, among others. Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Chorao Island is the perfect place to spot local and migratory birds as you walk through the mangrove forest or ride a boat around the estuaries.



3.  Do more than swim at the beach

Try out new Adventure and Sport activities

In the month of January, head to Miramar for the annual International Kite Festival, with hundreds of spectacular kites from all over the country compete for a spot in the sky. Kids will love the Kite festival, local scenes of the carnival, beach sculptures, young adults can also learn to scuba dive, take part in various watersports, and tours, check out Travel Adventures Goa, for the best tour and adventure options in Goa.





4. Splashdown in Goa

Head down to Splashdown Waterpark in Goa

Adventure is a great way for kids to shed their inhibitions, In summer your little ones can head to Splashdown Waterpark in Goa, it has a lot of slides and fun activities to keep your kids occupied.





5. Discover the heritage trail

There’s plenty of art and heritage in Goa to explore

There’s plenty of art and heritage in Goa, from the Latin Quarter’s beautifully preserved homes and galleries where the work of local and national artists vie for space with antique furniture and artifacts. Or a walk through the old lanes of São Tomé leading to Fontainhas will not only bring alive this small, lovely part of Goa but will teach the kids about the rich culture of the state.