Booking Information :

  • Operational Month : October – May
  • Rates are based on per person basis.
  • Child below 12 years are not allowed.
  • Changing Rooms available onboard.
  • Non Swimmers allowed to take this activity.
  • Please follow all the instructions properly.

Starting From: 2,200.00

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    Scuba Diving in Goa


    Scuba Diving in Goa – Slip into the ocean

    Goa is known for its beautiful water bodies the beaches, the lakes the rivers and so on. Ofcourse, the notion behind the beauty is what you see on the surface of things. The popular holiday idea is sitting at the beach and starring at the beautiful blue seas while you get your food and drink.

    Have you wondered how beautiful it must be below those blue seas? We at Travel Adventures Goa bring to you that sight of beauty that can be witnessed only when your dive deeper.  And oh yes, we mean dive literally.

    Get set to witness mesmerizing flora and fauna under the ocean while you go scuba diving in the waters of Goa. Get up-close with breath-taking colourful and diverse living world down under. Get a high to your adventurous side while you discover the life below the sea.

    The adventure begins to Grand Island:

    After your pickup from North Goa hotels, we will head towards Grand Island by boat. Grand Island is one of the most picturesque islands in Goa. Surrounded by beautiful waters, this island is the perfect destination for those nature lovers. Enjoy the beautiful glimpses of the friendliest creatures of the seas, the dolphins on your way to the island. Feel the breeze run through your hair as you sail through the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.

    Getting yourself to be Scuba Diving ready:

    Remember we do not compromise on safety at any point of time. All our diving instructors are PADI Dive Masters meaning they are trained and belong to the prestigious professional association of diving instructors.

    While you are on the boat you will be briefed by our trainers who will make sure you are fed with all the knowledge required to perform the task. Get trained by the best professional divers in confined waters. Once the divers see you beaming with confidence and raring to go, you’ll be permitted to scuba dive with protective gear and enjoy 20 minutes of heaven below the seas.

    You will be provided with high quality diving gear like diving mask, diving suit, diving cylinder, diving regulator and so on.

    What to wear and what to avoid:

    Make sure to dress up light, wither swimwear or tee shirts and shorts. Avoid carrying heavy luggage and valuables or lots of money. Use sunscreen and wear sunglasses for added protection.

    Inclusions from our end:

    Ensuring you do not feel hungry, we provide for snacks and fruits to keep those energy levels up through the day. Mineral water, soft drinks and beers are also provided. Enjoy a delicious meal with veg and non-veg lunch options. We also ensure to provide you with your best moments captured on camera so that you go home with happy memories that last a lifetime. 

    Cost of trip:

    The entire cost of the trip is INR. 2200/- per person and is available from October to May. 

    A trip to Goa is incomplete without exploring the seas. Trust us that the feel good factor after completion of the scuba diving adventure is a feeling words can’t describe. The sights under the sea is not something most people get to witness and you’ll be one of those lucky enthusiasts going home with happy memories and lots to talk about.


    Who can learn to dive?

    Anyone who is generally fit and 12 years and over can learn to dive.

    I Cannot Swim. Can I Scuba Dive?

    Yes you can, you need not have any swimming skills.

    Who should avoid this excursion?

    People with heart problems, water phobia and pregnant women are strictly not allowed to participate.

    Is it dangerous?

    It is not dangerous, infact it is a fun and safe activity. All you need to do is listen to your instructor.

    Can I run out of air?

    All levels of air are pre-checked by the trainer before you set out. Having several years of experience as per timings, it is impossible that you will run out of air.

    Can I dive if I wear glasses?

    The best option is to wear soft contact lenses

    Can I communicate with my Instructor underwater?

    You will be trained with a few underwater signals which you can use to converse with your instructor.

    Which Languages Do You Offer Scuba Instruction In?

    The trainers converse in English and Hindi

    How Long Can I Stay Underwater When Scuba Diving?

    The total time will be 20 minutes

    What is the process for booking?

    The entire booking process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website with details of payment and confirmation.

    What is the process of cancellation and refund?

    The entire cancellation and refund process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website

    What is PADI?

    PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. PADI Dive Masters are trained instructors who belong to the prestigious professional association of diving instructors.

    What will I get to see underwater?

    You will see the flora and fauna of the sea underwater which includes colourful fishes, coral reefs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles, and other forms of aquatic life.

    Is pre booking necessary?

    It is ideal to pre-book due to the demand for this excursion. We are busy through the season, so pre-booking will avoid disappointments.

    Is it open during all year?

    No. this excursion is open from October to May