Booking Information :

  • Operational Month : October – May
  • Rates are on per person basis
  • Child only above 12 years allowed for kayaking
  • Min 1 hour. Can be extended for another hour with spot payment.
  • No pick and drop is included in the cost
  • Please check time slot availability before booking
  • Follow all safety instructions

Starting From: 600.00

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    Backwater Kayaking in Goa


    Backwater Kayaking in Goa – Paddle your way through happiness

    The state of Goa is blessed with various water bodies. We have the Arabian Sea on the west coast, the beautiful rivers of Goa, the backwaters, the lakes and ponds and so on. The beauty of these waters is that they are very welcoming to host a range of activities on them. One such experience that we bring to you is that of Kayaking. Kayaking is an activity wherein you are seated in a ride called a Kayak and you glide on the waters using what is called as paddles to help you navigate.

    Starting Point

    You need to come to the meeting point which will be at the Go Kayaking Baga, Next to Royal Goan Beach Club Baga Opp Raddish Resturant, Baga. Pick and drop facility is not provided for this activity.

    Happy Paddling

    We begin with you getting briefed by a Kayaking guide as to how to perform the basic steps to start off with this activity. You will learn about the Kayak, the seating, how to stay safe at all times, how to paddle, how to change directions and so on. Once the guide certifies that you are ready to go, you can begin Kayaking.

    You start off by easing the Kayak into the waters, and then you begin paddling as you start moving forward through your journey. The trick is to maintain the balance of the Kayak at all times. You will get a hang of it as you proceed.

    You’ll see the sun beaming against you while the entire surrounding looks magnificent. You will begin to feel one with natures, as you see natural beauty around you o this beautiful Baga River. You will also get to see different types of birds in their natural habitat.

    Kayaking can be done solo or as 2 people in a single kayak. This is a prefect activity for couples to set out on a romantic encounter and also for family and friends to have some fun on the waters.

    Kayaking is a very positive and healthy activity. It keeps you fit and toned.

    Safety aspects

    All the equipment given to you is well maintained and tested. All the Kayaks are regularly inspected for the safety of our clients. A certified guide will handle all safety and training aspects for you so you need not worry about your safety.

    Attire and things to carry

    • Make sure to carry your camera to capture the best moments of this activity
    • Carry a towel as there is a possibility that you will get wet during the activity
    • Wear footwear that is waterproof
    • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing sun glasses, sunscreen lotion and a hat
    • Wear light cotton clothes and shorts

    Price :
    The activity costs INR 600/- per person / per hour

    The time slots are 10:00 – 11:00 am or 4:00 – 5:00 pm

    Enjoy yourself on the backwaters of Goa in your Kayak and feel the joy of gliding over the waters while you are in full control of your journey. The spectacular sights of the surrounding coupled with the beautiful weather of Goa is sure to make you smile for a long time.


    Is there a pick and drop facility for this activity?

    No, there is no pick and drop facility available for this activity.

    Where is the meeting point for this activity?

    The meeting point is at the Go Kayaking Baga, Next to Royal Goan Beach Club Baga Opp Raddish Resturant, Baga.

    Who can go on this activity?

    Any person who is reasonably fit can go on this activity. Children below 12 years are not allowed to take the activity.

    How many people can be seated on a Kayak?

    A maximum of 2 people can be seated on a Kayak at a time.

    What is the duration of the activity?

    The duration of the entire activity is one hour.

    What equipment is provided?

    We provide you with a Kayak, paddles and life jackets.

    What is the process for booking?

    The entire booking process can be found on our website with details of payment and confirmation.

    What is the process of cancellation and refund?

    The entire cancellation and refund process can be found on our website.

    Is pre booking necessary?

    It is ideal to pre-book due to the demand for this excursion. We are busy through the season, so pre-booking will avoid disappointments.

    Is it open during all year?

    The operational months are October to May.