Booking Information :

  • Operational Month :  January – December
  • Rates are per person on shared vehicle basis
  • Child of age 5 years and above full rate
  • No Breakfast, Lunch or any Beverages Included
  • Report 15 mins prior at the pick up point
  • Tour Guide available on board the Bus

Starting From: 600.00

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    HOHO Goa Bus Tour


    Tour Goa with HOHO Sightseeing Bus

    Vacations can get a little crazy, especially short holidays where you need to cram a lot of sightseeing in a limited time frame. Now thanks to HOHO (Hop On Hop Off) services you can see all you want to at a leisurely pace. This sightseeing service was started to boost the tourism in Goa and has become popular thanks to the unique buses.

    The HOHO Tours are well planned and allows you to sight see at your own pace. You have the freedom of planning the places you would like to spend more time in thanks to the regularity of HOHO buses en route.

    HOHO Goa is the best solution to an action-packed itinerary. Their Tour cover North and South Central Goa. You can even span your sightseeing over two continuous days thanks to the two-day pass service.

    Blue Line – North Goa Beach Tour

    Starting From:  600.00

    Places Covered:

    • Vagator Beach
    • Anjuna Beach
    • Baga Beach
    • Calangute Beach
    • Sinquerim Beach
    • Fort Aguada – Sinquerim (Any Entry Fees to be paid on the spot)

    Location and Pick up Time (All timings are approximate) :

    Dona Paula : Time: 09:00 am

    Miramar : Time: 09:15 am

    River Cruise Point (Santa Monica) : Time: 09:20 am

    Paryatan Bhavan : Time: 09:30 am

    Betim Ferry Boat : Time: 09:40 am

    Mall De Goa (Porvorim) : Time: 09:45 am

    Nerul : Time: 09:55 am

    Verem Junction : Time: 10:10 am

    Aguada Fort : Time: 10:15 am

    Sinquerim Junction : Time: 10:20 am

    Candolim – Abbe Faria Statue : Time: 10:30 am

    Calangute – Baga Circle : Time: 10:45 am

    Baga Beach Parking : Time: 11:00 am

    Anjuna Parking : Time: 11:20 am

    Vagator Parking : Time: 11:30 am

    Red Line – South Central Goa Tour (Temple and Churches)

    Starting From:  600.00

    Places Covered:

    • Dona Paula (Any Entry Fees to be paid on the spot)
    • Goa Science Center and Planetarium – Miramar (Any Entry Fees to be paid on the spot)
    • Miramar Beach
    • Kala Academy – Campal (Enroute)
    • Bhagwan Mahavir Bal Vihar Garden – Campal (Enroute)
    • Panjim Market (Enroute)
    • Adil Shah Palace (Enroute)
    • Casino Point (Enroute)
    • River Cruise Point (Enroute)
    • Divja Circle (Enroute)
    • Old Goa Churches (Basilica of Bom Jesus, Sé Cathedral, St. Catharine’s Chapel) – Short clothes not allowed
    • Banastarim (Enroute)
    • Mangueshi Temple (Short clothes not allowed)
    • V2 Mall (Enroute)
    • Atal Setu (Cable Bridge)
    • Mall De Goa – Porvorim

    Location and Pick up Time (All timings are approximate) :

    Mall De Goa (Porvorim) : Time: 08:45 am

    Vagator Parking : Time: 09:10 am

    Anjuna Parking : Time: 09:20 am

    Baga Beach Parking : Time: 09:30 am

    Calangute – Baga Circle : Time: 09:50 am

    Candolim – Abbe Faria Statue : Time: 10:00 am

    Old Goa : Time: 09:30 am

    Paryatan Bhavan : Time: 10:00 am

    Miramar : Time: 10:15 am

    Dona Paula : Time: 10:30 am

    Panjim Divja Circle : Time: 12:30 pm

    Good to know:

    • Unlimited rides to explore tourist attractions that awaits for you on the route.
    • You are free to board the bus anywhere on the designated route.
    • Red Line tour is operated on Double Decker Bus and Blue Line is operated on AC Single decker bus.
    • English speaking Tour Guide on bus.
    • Experience riding Double Deck Bus from Panjim City to Old Goa and back.
    • AC section on Double decker and AC Single decker bus [AC section* – first come first served basis].
    • Ideal frequency at 45  minutes to get on / get down – “As you wish flexibility”.
    • Child 5 years and above full rate.

    Passenger Safety:

    • Safe, Comfortable, Economical
    • CCTV surveillance
    • GPS tracking and monitoring
    • Mobile charging facility on board
    • Customer care back-up number during service operational hours 9:00am -05:30pm – “Get info about HOHO Service”

    Places of Interest

    • Baga Beach, the Queen of Goan beaches is famous for its water sports, banana boat ride and dolphin trips. This beach is one of the North beaches which is known as “The belt” and connects Baga to Calangute, Candolim and Sinquerim. The four most famous beaches of Goa.
    • Calangute Beach is the largest beach on the belt. This beach is also famous for its water sports but the waters are not safe to swim in.
    • Sinquerim Beach is the last beach on the belt where Fort Aguada begins. There are water sports activities and a food shacks every few meters.
    • Fort Aguada on the top of Sinquerim Hill was built in 1612 by the Portuguese to ward off the Dutch and Maratha invaders. The fort used to have a spring where ships would stop to get water hence the name “Aguada” which means “watery” in Portuguese. There is a lighthouse in the fort that was used to guide ships. There is a modern lighthouse just beside the fort that has been in use since 1976.
    • River Cruise Point at the end of Panjim is a place where tourists can buy tickets for the sunset cruises and other evening cruises where they sail along the Mandovi River with Panjim on one side, Betim and Reis Magos on the other side.
    • Casino Point has replaced the Captain of Ports. This is where people can board the casinos and try their luck.
    • Bhagwan Mahavir Bal Vihar Garden better known as Campal Park was established during the Portuguese times.
    • Kala Academy is the music school of Goa and was established in 1970. The building you see now was inaugurated in the early 1980s.
    • Panjim Municipal Market has been a major landmark of the capital city. It used to be a small structure which has been modernized several years ago. Parts of the old structure can still be seen.
    • Goa Science Center and Planetarium in Miramar is worth checking out especially for children. The Science Park is 4 acres and one can see sculptures of Prehistoric animals,large exhibits and playthings to develop a child’s interest in science.
    • Miramar Beach formerly known as Gaspar Dias Beach named after the landlord of the area, is the most popular beach in Central Goa. One can find a variety of street food stalls here.
    • Dona Paula is the end of Central Panjim and it is famous for the jetty. The place was named after the Governor’s wife’s lady in waiting Dona Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior. She was known for her kindness and generosity. She married Dom Anotonio Souto Maior, landlord of the present day Caranzalem area.
    • Basilica of Bom Jesus was completed in the year 1605 and consecrated by Archbishop Dom Aleixo de Menezes. The body of St. Francis Xavier is kept in this church and pilgrims visit to pay homage to the patron saint of Goa.

    What to carry along:

    Please carry your own water. If you have children with you carry snacks in case they get hungry. Wear light clothes, preferably cotton. Carry your hat, cap, and wear sunblock in case you are out in the sun. Please remember to keep yourself hydrated and cool especially if you are out for the whole day.

    While holidaying in Goa please experience this unique tour. This is an exciting way to spend the day with your family, a group of friends, or as a couple.

    This is a popular tour and the seats get filled up quickly. An advance booking is advisable.


    What is HOHO Goa?

    HOHO Goa is Hop On Hop Off Goa Tour Services, a convenient and exceptional way of sightseeing Goa.

    What is Hop On Hop Off?

    Hop On Hop Off is precisely what the name means. You can hop on and hop off at any of the HOHO Bus stops. There are regular buses. Bus tours start every 45 minutes.

    How will I know when the next bus is and where it is going to stop?

    You will be given a pocket map. There are also hotline numbers you can call between 8.45 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

    Why should I choose HOHO Goa for sightseeing?

    It is definitely an excellent option for sightseeing plus you can do this in your leisure. You can spend more time at a particular place if you want to explore it more or learn more information on it. It saves you time, energy and money.

    Do the HOHO Goa buses have seat belts?

    Yes, every seat has a seat belt.

    Can I get a pick up and drop off?

    There are designated stops so you can catch the bus at any of these places convenient for you.

    Are meals provided on the tour?

    No, meals are not provided but our Guest Relation Executive will advise you about where to go and what to eat.

    How much time will I have to explore each place?

    You can take your time to explore places of your choice and you can catch the next bus which will be at the closest stop every 45 to 60 minutes.

    What time is the last bus?

    The last bus is at 5.30 from any given point.

    Can I bring my child/ children along?

    Of course you can. This is a kid-friendly sightseeing service and children love the experience.

    What should I carry with me?

    You should carry water, snacks (if you feel you might get hungry along the way), a sunhat or cap, sun block. Please do not litter the buses if you choose to eat inside the bus.

    What should I wear?

    Preferably light cotton clothes (avoid dark colors if you feel you will be exposed to the sun). Wear comfortable shoes since you will be in them the entire day. Sneakers work best considering you will have to walk around.