Booking Information :

  • Operational Month : October – May
  • Price based on per person basis
  • Child below 5 years no charge and above full rate
  • Pick and Drop not included
  • Cruise will halt at Arabian sea
  • Changing Room facility available on board
  • Guests can bring their own snacks / food items and drinks onboard

Starting From: 799.00

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    Sea Adventure Cruise with Snorkeling


    Sea Adventure Cruise with Snorkeling

    Be a part of this carefully curated trip commencing on the beautiful waters of the Mandovi at around the area where the river meets the sea. Adventures on Goan waters give you a thrill that you won’t forget in a long time.

    The journey commences out into the sea:

    We set off in a comfortable ride which is a well-equipped 50 seater cruise, from a point where the Mandovi River meets the Arabian Sea. Decked up with lifejackets for your safety we begin with everyone taking their places on the cruise. From the seas you’ll get a panoramic view of the coastline on your left and right side. This is a breath taking sight of the Arabian coast.

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    The adventure begins to unfold:

    Gaze at the sight of jumping souls as you see dolphins in the waters. Ofcourse this is purely based on your good luck, but in this part of Goa the probability is very high. For all those Kayaking enthusiasts, we’ve got what you exactly want. Get hold of a Kayak and enjoy yourself in the waters. Keep those arms rowing and feel the thrill of this activity.

    Those of you who love fishing get a chance to cast a line in the sea and test your fishing luck. You can off board for a swim or bask in the sun for that perfect tan. Enjoy the music played on board while you break for your snacks and drinks to keep you energized. Those of you who’d like to test out your balancing touch can opt to move out on stand up paddle boards to sail on the waters. This is a pretty challenging task but nothing like enjoying the fun in it.

    Yet another adventurous task is an opportunity for you to see the sea just below its surface, yes we are talking about snorkeling and you are going to love this. You will be provided with a high quality snorkeling kit that will enable you to discover life just below the surface of the water. As the boat moves, you’ll get a glimpse of a part of Reis Magos fort which is one of the magnificent forts of Goa. You’ll also get a glimpse of the shores of Coco Beach with its pristine shoreline.

    For all those who may not want to participate in the adventure activities, can chill out and relax on the top open deck of the cruise and have a relaxing time.


    Make sure to dress light since it will be all sea based activities. Carry your swim wear. Wear shorts and tee shirts. Try wearing light cotton clothes to beat the heat. The boat has changing rooms so getting your change on will not be a hassle.

    Handy items:

    Carry sun screen lotion, sunglasses and camera.

    Reporting locations: Please remember that this trip does not have pick up and drop facilities. You need to be present at the reporting locations which are Behind Goa Marriott Resort, Miramar Beach and Panjim City.

    Timings: This cruise trip has two timings of operation. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (Reporting time 9:30 am) and 03:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Reporting time 2:30 pm). You can choose whichever suits your needs.

    Rates: This trip will cost you Rs 799/- per head. Child of age 5 years and above will be charged full rate

    This trip is a complete definition of adventure and you will have covered the main types of water activities and adventures. This is a must do trip for those of you who’d like to spice up your holiday. From a calming ride in the waters of the sea to an adrenaline pumping set of activities, your adventure trip on Goa will be complete.


    Who can take this trip?

    This trip is very safe and can be taken by anyone who is reasonably healthy. Children must be accompanied by parents.

    Who should avoid this trip?

    People with heart problems, water phobia and pregnant women are strictly not allowed to participate.

    What type of boat will we be on?

    You will be on board a 50 seater catamaran styled vessel with an upper deck.

    Can I bring my camera along?

    Yes. You can get excellent photos along the tour. However, we strongly recommend either a waterproof camera or GoPro if you wish to shoot activities like Kayaking and Snorkeling.

    Are the activities dangerous?

    They are not dangerous, infact they are fun and safe activities.

    Will the necessary equipment be provided?

    Yes we will provide you with a snorkeling kit and SUP boards

    Can I go snorkeling if I wear glasses?

    The best option is to wear soft contact lenses

    Are there changing rooms?

    Yes there are changing rooms on board and changing will be a hassle free process.

    What is the process for booking?

    The entire booking process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website with details of payment and confirmation.

    What is the process of cancellation and refund?

    The entire cancellation and refund process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website

    What will I get to see underwater?

    You will see water life only what is just below the surface of the water.

    Is pre booking necessary?

    It is ideal to pre-book due to the demand for this excursion. We are busy through the season, so pre-booking will avoid disappointments.

    Is it open during all year?

    No. this excursion is open from November to May