Reasons Why Goa is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Goa provides newly weds with the best memories of their life.

The land of Sun, Sea, Surf, and Sand – Goa is world-famous for its scenic golden beaches, coconut palm trees, colonial Portuguese Heritage buildings, buzzing nightlife, and easy-going laid back populace. Goa is a magnet for most travelers – especially honeymooners. The winter months October to March provide newlyweds with the perfect weather for the best memories of their life.





1) Couple Friendly

Let your hair down and relax with a cocktail.

Goa has, over the years, been home to many a wedding and been visited by even more couples. This means that the locals and all businesses have taken this in their stride and in fact, made the most of it. Most activities that can be done at the beach or in the city are appropriate for and can be done with couples (e.g. jet skiing, scuba diving, local tours in Goa and so much more), so that even prices to enter clubs and other such places are less for couples. For the best Adventure and Tour packages, Travel Adventures Goa is your best bet.

Over and above the prices and capacity for activities, the society is open-minded and not as conservative as the rest of the country. Being a couple enjoying a romantic walk, hand in hand, won’t get you too many sideways glances and comments. This makes Goa perfect for a newlywed wed couple that wants to truly let their hair down and begin their life together in the best way possible!


2) Ice-Breaker Activities

Goa offers plenty of activities from adventurous to relaxing.

Goa offers plenty of activities for the average traveler – however, one’s honeymoon isn’t an average vacation. Goa has plenty of activities that range from peaceful relaxing at the beach to dancing the night away at the closest watering hole. All these various activities allow couples to get to know each other more and get even closer than before – a perfect way to start off an eventful life together. Activities like romantic walks on the beach, getting pampered at spas and salons and Goan nightlife.







3) Unique Places to Stay 

From luxury suites to beachfront villas and treehouse rooms, Goa has it all!

The hospitality business in Goa has truly flourished in the last decade – mainly because of the kinds of experiences that are offered. Hotels have taken full advantage of the exotic surroundings that Goa has and now present to tourists the options of staying in various kinds of accommodations – from luxury suites to beachfront villas and treehouse rooms. These properties are unique in their location, view, amenities and value for money – with incredible schemes and packages available for all – especially honeymooning couples.





4) Goa is Budget-friendly

Shop till you drop in Goa.

Goa is so popular among tourists not only because of the variety of experiences it offers but also because of the budget it offers them in. It’s known for its value for money in all aspects – from the food to the alcohol and the stay – especially compared to the nearby states. This aspect makes it the ideal budget honeymoon because neither are the kinds nor the quality of the experiences being compromised on.





5) Great Weather

Sunny Beaches and Cool Breeze

The winter in Goa lasts from the months of October to April. It is the peak tourist season, and for a good reason, as the weather is perfect. The days are pleasant and not unbearably hot! The nights are cool with a slightly chilly breeze – ideal for a midnight stroll along the shore – under the light of the moon – as the waves nip at visitors. With uninterrupted sunshine, the winter months are the ideal time to make a trip to Goa truly memorable!





Relax with a drink and some local Goan food.

Although relatively small, Goa offers tourists everything there is to offer. This state has tranquil beaches with small off-the-beaten-track markets and various activities. Off the beach, couples can go for a romantic hike through the various patches of thick greenery, or marvel at the Portuguese architectural heritage on a long romantic walk in Old Goa. Besides the pristine beaches, ideal for relaxing, and the various adventure activities, Goa is well known for the cuisine. Relying heavily on the sea and its products, Goan dishes are coconut-based, mainly seafood, and packed with immense amounts of flavor – unique to the area.