6 Reasons why you need to visit Dandeli

Dandeli in North Karnataka offers a perfect mix of water adventure sports, mystic flora and fauna, vibrant traditions and serene nature walks which will give you the ultimate peace of mind, all in one place. It is one of the most visited tourist spots and an amazing escape from the mundane city life. Whether you are passionate about wildlife or love water sports, there is a long list of things to do in Dandeli with something exciting for everyone! So just decide a date, gather your friends or family, pack your bags and get ready to roll!



1. River Rafting in the Kali River

River Rafting – the ultimate dose of adrenaline rush


If you are willing to fill your vacation with thrilling adventures, river rafting in the Kali River is one of the most exciting things to do in Dandeli, the 12 km long stretch of Kali River offers the perfect opportunities to both newbies and professional rafting lovers to experience an ultimate dose of adrenaline rush. The untamed terrain of the river and strong currents of the water contribute to making white water rafting here an experience worth remembering.






2. Wildlife Safari

A Wildlife Safari Experience, perfect for Nature and Animal lovers


A wildlife safari experience at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best treats to offer to nature as well as adventure lovers. With the opening of various camps and resorts in Dandeli inside the sanctuary, the place has started attracting a huge number of nature lovers and vacationers throughout the year. One can easily undertake various exciting activities inside the sanctuary such as trekking, safari tours, coracle boat rides, mountain biking, eco-tourism, and cycling




3. Jungle Camping

Camp overnight at the numerous camping lodges around

With endless wildlife, beautiful natural surroundings, clean fresh air enhanced by the presence of the River Kali, jungle camping has to be one of the most recommended things to do in Dandeli. Go to sleep as the forest breeze sings you a lullaby and wake up to the chirping of the birds – camping here will rejuvenate you inside out. There are numerous jungle lodges and campsites dotting the town where you can camp overnight, the choices here range from basic tents with basic facilities to luxury tents with modern amenities.






4. Coracle Boat Ride

Coracle Boats are a major attraction at Dandeli

Coracle Boat Ride on the choppy waters of the Kali River is one of the best things to do in Dandeli to explore its natural treasures. This unique activity involves navigating through the river on coracles, which are round, lightweight boats, and can carry 5 people. These boats were traditionally used by the locals in the past, and have become a major tourist attraction lately.





5. Trekking

Trekking through thick forests around Dandeli

Trekkers will love Dandeli, with its thick forests, and meandering streams, visitors can explore nature, wildlife, and birds. There are several trekking routes in Dandeli and some activities are run by the forest department, their guided tour starts with a ride into the gated forest reserve. A 3-4 km downhill walk and 350 steps down will take you to the caves. Besides the day-long trekking routes, there are also a few short birding trails around the camp, which people can enjoy.






6. Natural Jacuzzi Bath

A visit to Dandeli would be incomplete without a Natural Jacuzzi Bath


The Natural Jacuzzi Bath is one of the most natural healing therapies in the Dandeli which attracts tourists from around the world. Fresh springs of water, the aroma of flowers and woods around, the chirping of birds and the blue sky above provide a refreshing experience. The water which flows down from the Supa Dam and creates the river Kali flows with such force that sitting down next to it is as good as getting a massage.