Uncover the mysteries of the past – Top 5 Museums in Goa

When the hustle and bustle of everyday life start to feel overbearing, it is picturesque Goa that beckons people from all over the world. However, Goa is also home to many fascinating museums that stand witness to past times, rich heritage, culture, and architecture, whatever your interest maybe there is a museum to enrich and educate you. Here are some museums which offer a glimpse into the historical splendor hidden behind the “sea, sand and sun” image of Goa.


  1. Museum Of Goa

    Get a glimpse of Portuguese life fused with Goan culture

    The Museum of Goa in the heart of the Pilerne industrial estate is a treat for contemporary art lovers, it can be spotted by a blue mermaid-like figurine that emerges from the ground. The three-story museum works with Indian and international artists, art enthusiasts, both modern and historical, including sculptures, paintings, photography, installations, and moving images that showcase Portuguese lifestyles fused with Goan culture. What’s more? Well, the installations keep changing from time to time as the founder of MOG, Mr. Subodh Kerkar, does not believe in permanent installations. There is also an on-site organic cafe, auditorium, art store and studio for artists to use. The entry fee is 50/- for students and 100/- to 300/-  for adults. Location:  79, Industrial Estate, Pilerne, Goa



2. Houses of Goa Museum

A unique museum that depicts the rich and picturesque architectural past of Goa

Designed in the shape of a ship traveling on top of the road by well-known architect Gerald da Cunha, the House of Goa is a unique museum that depicts the rich and picturesque architectural past of Goa through construction detailing and antique furniture, from the symbolic Balcaos of ancient Goan streets to the China mosaic flooring reminiscent of the modern architectural tastes. The museum contains three floors, each showcasing the influence of the Portuguese on the architecture of Goan homes. There is also a separate room dedicated o some of the main symbols that defined the houses of yore in the region, Architecture enthusiasts are in for a treat here.

Location: House No. 674, Near Nisha’s Play School, Torda , Salvador do Mundo, Penha de França, Goa


3. Museum of Christian Art

Discover century-old exhibits that have survived the ravages of time

Christianity forms an indelible part of the history of Goa, the Museum of Christian Art uncovers the answers to numerous questions that modern Goa might pose to you as a traveler/tourist. It depicts the remnants of Christianity in Goa and has an extensive collection of Indo-Portuguese Christian art and historical exhibits, the star attractions at this museum include centuries-old exhibits that have survived the ravages of time since the Portuguese landed in Goa, like paintings, sculptures, statues, furniture, precious metals, and other curiosities.  If you are in the process of planning out your itinerary for a Goa trip, make sure you visit the Museum of Christian Art before you take a tour of the famous churches in Goa. This will help you make much more out of the experience of visiting a church than you can imagine!

Location: Convent of Santa Monica, Goa Velha,



4. Big Foot Museum

A visit to ancestral Goa at the Big Foot Museum

When you enter Big Foot Museum in Loutolim, Goa, you are not entering a hall of artifacts, you are visiting ancestral Goa itself. Some of the different locations that you can visit in this place include rubber plantations, a spice yard, a bird habitat, the Boca da Vaca spring, a restaurant, and a dance floor! If that is not enough, there are lifesize sculptures, statues, Goan artifacts, and a feni distillery. There is also a 14-meter high sculpture of Saint Mirabai, carved out of laterite by the owner of the museum, Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares. This sculpture has been included in the Limca Book of Records for being the largest laterite sculpture in the country.

Location: Cross Museum, Main Road, Salcete District, Loutolim.



5.Goa Science Centre and Planetarium

From a glimpse into the past of Goa to a glimpse into the beyond!

From a glimpse into the past of Goa to a glimpse into the beyond! Dedicated to science and astronomy, the Goa Science Center includes numerous hands-on interactive displays and activities suited to children of all ages, being on most lists labeled ‘places to visit in Goa’, Goa Science Center is a must-visit for all science and astronomy buffs. Visitors can look at the galaxies, moon and distant planets at the Taramandal Shows, and also view the night sky, sit in on a science demonstration lecture, see 3D film shows, play games and learn scientific concepts and principles. Other attractions in the place include the marine science section, the 3D shows that transform science lessons into breath-taking experiences, and the mirror maze.

Location: Marine Highway, Miramar, Panaji, Goa