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Snorkeling and Dolphin Sighting in Goa

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Grand Island Tour in Goa

A day out at sea! Sounds captivating, doesn’t it? Apart from the boat ride, there are a few more activities you can indulge in. Have you ever tried snorkeling in the deep sea? If you have then you already know that it is fun. If you haven’t then this is definitely an activity to add to your bucket list.

The snorkeling and dolphin-sighting trip in Goa takes you across the Arabian Sea towards the Marmagoa Harbour. On the ride to and fro there is a high probability of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. They usually come closer to shore when the tide is coming in.

Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin Spotting

The commonly sighted dolphins are the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin (Souza Plumbea) and the Finless Porpoises. Dolphins travel in pods so if you spot one then you can be assured that there will be more in the area. It is one of the most exciting trips Goa has to offer. Sometimes the dolphins swim close to the boat. Almost at arm’s length. These graceful sea creatures will win your heart.

This trip starts around 9 in the morning and it usually ends at 3:30 pm. The boat ride is enjoyable and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. You either leave from the jetty at Coco Beach or from Hawaii Beach, in Dona Paula.

You will head towards Marmagoa Harbour towards Grand Island and Bat Island. The waters around the islands are calm and clear. The boat is docked between the islands. You can dive off the boat and swim or snorkel in the sea. There are coral reefs around the island and if you’re lucky you will also see shoals of colourful fish darting about. If you listen closely you will hear the coral crackle. The ocean is alive before your eyes.

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Grand Island Tour in Goa

There are life jackets and snorkeling kits on the boat. If you are a non-swimmer but wish to go into the water to experience snorkeling then you can wear a life jacket. Please make sure that you notify the crew so they can have someone assist you. The waters are extremely safe and there are no currents. If you have a fear of water (especially deep water) then it is advisable not to venture into the ocean. The boat is anchored in 12-14 feet deep waters.

Grand Island Tour

Grand Island

If you do not want to venture into the sea then you can indulge in a little fishing or bird watching. You will definitely spot the White-Bellied Sea Eagle and the Great Black-headed Gull. The White-throated Kingfisher is also common in this area.

These island trips are held every day from October to Mid-May depending highly on the weather conditions. The seas tend to get choppy as it draws nearer to the monsoons in Goa. There’s absolutely no chance of heading that way during the monsoon season which are between June to end of September. It is extremely risky to venture out to sea or even set foot in the ocean during this time because of the high waves and strong currents.

The TAG Team highly recommends this trip if you are in Goa. It is one of the best family trips. It is equally amazing if you’re honeymooning or travelling with a group of friends. We guarantee you that you will create memories that will last you a lifetime.

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