Yoga and Goa – The perfect mix

Goa is one of the quietest and most relaxed states of the country. Lush green beauty, the blue seas, white sands and friendly people give it a very easy going feel. It is a very popular tourist destination, with various tourists coming here for the beaches, the nightlife and some just to relax.

A new trend has emerged in the state which is leaning towards medical tourism. There is an increase in wellness centers for all sorts of ayurvedic treatments which have a natural flavor and hence popular.  One form of activity that is taking the lead from right upfront is Yoga.

Yoga is the union of the body and mind. When anyone wishes to practice yoga they look for a quiet calm place. Goa plays host to the perfect location to carry out the practice of yoga. In today’s world we are such slaves to technology that we download apps to help us perform yoga. Many of these apps have artificial noises to replicate the feeling of being in a natural environment. A common example is the sound of the waves, the chirping of birds, and the gushing of a waterfall and so on. The best part is when it comes to Goa we have all of these naturally. Goa is a heaven for yoga and a lot of people are coming to realize that.

There are loads of Yoga centers, Schools, retreat houses and eco-tourism hotels that conduct classes for the visitors as well as have certificate programmes to groom individuals to become Yoga instructors. One such place is Diya Yoga located at Arambol Goa. They have Yoga retreats, Meditation retreats, Yogic Chakra sadhna retreat, Yoga Nidra retreats.

Diya yoga also has a Yoga teachers training program, which upon completion gives you a certification where you can be registered to yoga alliance, which then gives you an opportunity to work all around the world.

One can learn Hatha Yoga which is a classical form of yoga that gives great rejuvenation for your body, mind and soul. It also includes Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga. You can also do the Transformative Yoga Nidra retreat. Where You can learn how to understand the work with different words to help to relax and refresh people who are suffering from stress and disease.

Come on down to Goa, go visit Diya yoga, feel the difference it makes to your body, mind and soul. Learn to live healthy, learn to take control of yourself and live a content life.

For more information visit Diya Yoga Teacher Training School

Team @ Travel Adventures Goa