Booking Information :

  • Operational Month : January – December
  • Rates are based on per person basis.
  • Customers can board any available cruise during their selected departure timing
  • Children above 3 feet height will be charged full rate.
  • No pick and drop facilities available.
  • Ticket does not include food & beverages can be bought at an additional price on each boat.
  • Follow all safety instructions.

Starting From: 500.00

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    Sunset Cruise on Mandovi River


    The river Mandovi flowing into the Arabian Sea is the pride of Goa. This fresh water body is a beautiful creation that adds much beauty to the capital city of Panjim and the areas of Betim and Verem on its other side. Originating from a cluster of 30 springs in the Western Ghats, River Mandovi flows for a total of 77 kilometres before meeting the Arabian Sea. This river is also known for the beautiful Mandovi Bridges connecting Panjim to Porvorim.

    A spectacular view is the new third bridge known as Atal Sethu, which you will see well illuminated at night.  Panjim city looks incredibly amazing from the cruise. You’ll notice the terraced hills and brilliant architectural building close to the shore. This panoramic view of the city is marvelous. We at Travel Adventures Goa present to you a sunset cruise on the waters of the river with a complete local flavor.

    Your funfilled hour begins:

    If you plan on going on the early trip you will be amazed with the view of the river while boarding the cruise itself. The sun kissing the waters and the skies is a mesmerizing site on this sunset trip. The Mandovi River is filled with blissful waters and mangroves on either side at the start. Mangroves are plants that play an important role in protecting the environment. The cruise is bustling with energy.

    There is local live entertainment on board throughout the journey. Enjoy the Dekni, Kunbi (Konkani folk dance forms) and Corridinho (Portuguese folk dance) on board. The DJ will also entertain you with other genres of music to keep those feet tapping. This cruise also provides an apt platform for quick site seeing. Catch a glimpse of the Adil Shah Palace, various decked up floating Casinos in the river and the majestic Marriott Hotel. Enjoy snacks and drinks which can be purchased from the counter onboard the cruise. This is the prefect cruise for groups and families where you can relax, chat, eat, drink, dance and make merry on the perfect waters of the Mandovi.


    1) Paradise
    2) Coral Queen
    3) Princesa
    4) Santa Monica


    Starting Location: Below Mandovi Bridge, Panjim Goa

    Timings (All trip timing approximate):

    Choose timings which are perfect for you; however we recommend the 6:00 pm trip due to the sunset and visibility of areas while on board.

    6:00 pm (Recommended)
    6:45 pm
    7:30 pm
    8:15 pm

    Rate: The cost of the trip is INR 500 per person. Children above height of 3 Feet will be charged full rate.

    Do not miss out on the opportunity to have some fun on the waters of the Mandovi. Panjim city looks breath-taking at night, the sunset on the early trip, the moon light and star lit skies on the later trips make it an experience worth remembering. This trip has a little bit of fun for everyone.


    What is the duration of the trip?

    The duration of the cruise is one hour.

    What does a single ticket include?

    A single ticket includes a fun-filled, hour-long evening cruise on a boat with a live DJ performance, three Goan folk dances and sightseeing along the river Mandovi.

    Which time slot is recommended?

    We recommend the 6:15 pm trip due to the sunset and visibility of areas while on board.

    Are you permitted to carry a camera?

    Yes, cameras for pictures and videos are allowed on the boat. However, professional filming cameras and other equipment are NOT allowed and any recorded content cannot be used for commercial purposes without the consent of the management of the boat.

    What are the safety measures on board the cruise?

    When it comes to safety on board, we don’t make any compromises. Health, safety and security are our foremost concerns.
    We have certified staff on-board trained in ship handling and life-saving techniques.
    First-Aid kits are available on board at all times.
    Safety equipment such as life jackets, ring buoys, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers are all available.
    Emergency rafts are available if needed.
    We are equipped with a VHS radio receiver.
    We have functional telephone communications on board.

    Does the ticket include any beverage or food?

    No, it does not – food & beverages can be bought at an additional price on each boat.

    Is there a toilet on the boat?

    Yes, there is a toilet on the boat.

    What attire should I wear?

    You can wear anything that is comfortable and shoes that have a good grip.

    What if I do not reach the starting point on time and miss my cruise.

    In this case you can board the next time slot for the cruise on the same day itself.

    What is the process for booking?

    The entire booking process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website with details of payment and confirmation.

    What is the process of cancellation and refund?

    The entire cancellation and refund process can be found on Travel Adventures Goa website.

    Is pre booking necessary?

    It is ideal to pre-book due to the demand for this excursion. We are busy through the season, so pre-booking will avoid disappointments.

    Is it open during all year?

    Yes. This excursion is open all through the year even in the monsoons.

    What is ‘Goa Boat Cruises’?

    The four main boat cruise operators have come together to create a single window system of ticketing at the Panjim Jetty. The operators are Paradise Cruises, Royal Cruises, Coral Queen and GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation)

    Are all the boats same?

    All the boats only differ in size and capacity – the program, itinerary, duration, setup, music etc are all standardized.

    Can we choose a particular boat?

    No – the boats operate on a rotation basis every evening. If you are willing to wait for a particular, you can. All the boats have a similar setup and program.

    What do you mean by “outside beverages and food are not allowed”?

    Passengers are not allowed to carry any liquor from outside – there is a bar counter which sells liquor on each boat. Food for infants is allowed – other food items are not allowed – there is a snacks counter which sells snacks on each boat.

    What do you mean by “heavy bags are not allowed”?

    Heavy bags and luggage are not allowed – ladies are allowed to carry a purse and gents, a backpack. No other bags are allowed. The bags will be checked by our security staff.

    Is there a storage rooms for bags and luggage?

    No, there is not storage room – we recommend that you keep your bags in your hotel room or car.

    Are tickets assigned for particular seats on the boat?

    No, the seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis – the boats do not take more passengers than the number of seats.

    What is the address of the boarding point of the cruise?

    Goa Boat Cruises, Tourism Jetty, Below the Mandovi Bridges, Panjim – Goa.

    Do the Bar and Snacks counters accept credit cards?

    No, the bar and snacks counters does not accept credit card payments.