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  • Operational Month : January – December
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Starting From: 950.00

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    A guided walk through history


    A guided walk through History

    A Guided Walk through History brings culture, heritage, history, and local cuisine together in a delightful way. Whether you’re on a vacation with your friends, family, a local or even corporates visiting Goa our tour gives you the perfect local experience steeped in history and full of the true Goan flavor. We believe that the best way to learn about the culture, the stories, and the history of a place is to walk through it, we connect the people to the places and give them lots of unforgettable memories.

    Discover Goa like never before

    Walk with History Goa has some thrilling tours to explore.



     There are small clusters of Goa that remain unexplored and rarely visited, Divar is a sleepy yet picturesque, serene and peaceful island, it is quite famous for its wildlife and dense mangroves. This island is visited by Ferry from Old Goa,  a place of rich cultural, religious and historical past with the most iconic landmarks.

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    Join us in this Beautiful Old Goa Heritage Walk organized by ‘Walk With History Goa’. Here, you will not only get to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site in Old Goa but also learn about the history of the Portugues culture, explore the Churches, Unique Architecture and learn a lot of interesting facts along the way. The tour will begin with a walk to St. Catherine Chapel and move on to the other big churches like Basilica Of Bom Jesus, St. Francis Assisi, Se Cathedral, Viceroy’s Arc and St. Cajetan’s Church, you will also be taking a ferry ride to Divar Island. Surrounded by marshy waters, and mangroves  Diwar ensures a lovely, languid exploration for those who like panoramic and stunning views of the sea and nature.

    This tour will give you a perspective of Goa’s rich history from it’s fine baroque churches, ancient temples to holy sites, traditional Goan occupations and mesmerizing views. Are you ready to explore with us?


    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Tour Cost:  950 INR per person for 2 or more.  Solo Guest:- 1200 INR

    Meeting point: Outside Monginis Cake Shop, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa

    Operational Month: (365 days)

    Operational Days: Monday – Sunday

    Minimum Pax: 15 Guests

    Maximum Pax: Up to 15 Adults

    Time Slots: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm  / 10:30 pm – 1:30 pm

    Duration: 3 Hours



     Ponda is the cultural heart of Goa, home to a stunning array of temples and an aromatic smattering of intriguing spice plantations. For those who want to discover the ‘real Goa’, there’s no better place to explore than Ponda. This city is widely recognized as the cultural city of Goa and the heartland for numerous Hindu celebrations and festivals. Arriving in Ponda you can see fields dotted with rice paddies, and colorful Hindu temples, displaying a combination of rural life and spiritual identity that is unlike anywhere else in the state.

    Our Sacred trail of Ponda tour takes you through the city of Ponda, one of the richest cities in Goa in terms of culture, heritage, and architecture. Ponda has been an important part of Goa’s history right from the 16th century and continued to have a Hindu majority even during the Portuguese rule which can be seen by tons of beautiful temples along with a couple of Masjids. Our tour will take you through several historical temples, caves and a couple of masjids where you’ll learn all about their history & architecture, we start at Safar Masjid and move to see the Saptakoteshwar Temple, Ponda Kott, Mahadev Temple and lastly the caves at Khandepar And Ishwarbhat

    In addition to ticking off some of Ponda’s famous Hindu temples, nothing displays Goan culture quite like its food, which makes Goan cuisine so flavorsome.


    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Tour Cost:  2500 INR per person for 2 or more.  Solo Guest:- 3000 INR

    Meeting point: Outside Cafe Antruz Mahal, Shanti Nagar, Ponda

    Operational Month: (365 days)

    Operational Days: Saturday – Sunday

    Minimum Pax: 15 Guests

    Maximum Pax: Up to 15 Adults

    Time Slots:  10:30 am –  5:30 pm

    Duration: 7 Hours




    While many visitors are drawn to the beaches, this certainly doesn’t represent the state in its entirety. There’s lots more to see and do here than just that – centuries-old churches and temples, museums, forts, caves, wildlife sanctuaries, and more, Goa is home to a truly spectacular countryside that is worth taking the time to explore.

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    An insightful day-long Old Goa & Divar Island Heritage trail organized by ‘Walk With History Goa’. An 8-hour journey into the culture, history, and life of Goa, you will not only get to experience nearly 5-6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Old Goa, a few unknown Heritage Sites in Divar and a Temple at Bicholim but also learn about the History of the Portuguese Inquisition Era in Goa, experience the unique architecture and learn interesting facts about the places we visit. You can enjoy a fun ride on the Ferry from Old Goa to Divar, visit the lake where the story of Saptakoteshwar Temple began and leave with great knowledge of Goan History.

    This tour is perfect for families or if you want to explore the best of Goa under one roof. We take you on a journey or Goan culture, heritage and local cuisine you will never forget.


    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Tour Cost:  2500 INR per person for 2 or more.  Solo Guest:- 3000 INR

    Meeting point: Goa Institute of Management, Ribandar, Goa

    Operational Month: (365 days)

    Operational Days: Saturday – Sunday

    Minimum Pax: 15 Guests

    Maximum Pax: Up to 15 Adults

    Time Slots:  10:00 am –  6:00 pm

    Duration: 8 Hours


    What is included in the package:

    Our Treasures of Old Goa with a Ferry Ride will include Snacks with Tea, Mineral Water, and the Ferry Ride, Our Sacred Trail of Ponda will include Goan Veg Saraswat thali for lunch, Mineral Water, and A/C Car cost and our Day long Sacred Trails  will include a Goan Veg lunch, Mineral Water, 2 Ferry Rides, and A/C Car cost. There will be a knowledgeable tour guide with you from the start to the end of the tour.  The tours are held all year round.

    What to wear and to carry:

    Please avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless clothing. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate attire as we will be walking a lot. Please carry a hand guide if you feel you might need one. Please don’t forget your sunblock since you will be out in the sun for three hours especially if you have chosen the tour closest to midday. Also, note photography and videography are not allowed in certain places. You can also carry your medication (if any), snacks and a bottle of water.

    What to expect:

    Our Heritage Walking Tours promise a fun way to explore and know more about Goa. We have many tours to choose from depending on what part of Goa you would like to know more about. Our tours are rapidly gaining popularity and our tour groups are kept to a minimum of fifteen people. Please book your tour in advance to ensure that you get the dates of your choice. You will discover that Goa has so much more to offer than just beaches and nightlife.

    Please ensure that you keep hydrating yourself since you will be walking around in the sun.



    What time does the Tour Begin?

    The Tour begins at 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    What time does the Tour end?

    OThe tour ends at 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    What does this tour include in the cost price? (each will be different)

    Goan Veg lunch, 2 Ferry Rides, Mineral Water, and A/C Car cost is included in the package.

    What places will I be taken to?

    You will be taken to see 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Old Goa and a few unknown Heritage Lakes in Divar & Saptakoteshwar Temple at Bicholim.

    Is it okay to bring children along?

    Yes, Children 5 years and above can come along, this will be a nice educational trip for them.

    What if I want to Tour during the week?

    We require a 2-day prior booking request for the same.

    If I come with a group will I get any discount?

    Yes, Kindly contact us for Bulk bookings and ask for a discounted rate.

    What if the Tour is canceled by you?

    If for some reason the tour is canceled from our end then you will receive a full refund within two working weeks.

    What should I wear?

    We will be traveling by car so wear light cotton clothes, comfortable shoes.

    Do I need to carry anything with me?

    You can carry a bottle of water, camera, medication (if any), umbrella and anything else you might need to be comfortable.